Our basic philosophy is that the foundation of a high-performing organization is its ability to consistently execute a few critical management processes.


  1. Strategic & Business Planning
  2. Strategy Deployment
  3. Team Effectiveness
  4. Mergers & Acquisition Advisement

Strategic & Business Planning:
When it comes to charting the course for the organization, we use many classic tools such as SWOT analysis and Balanced Scorecards.  Our roles in the process can range from basic meeting facilitation to full process design
and project management.  In larger organizations with established planning processes our primary role is to bring a high level of rigor and discipline to the decision making process.  In short, we get organizations to do what
they claim they are doing and nag the heck out of them until it's done right.

Strategy Deployment:
In terms of aligning the resources within the organization, we work hand-in-hand with the organization's leaders to systematically align peoples' priorities.  Our opinion is that everyone within a company needs to
have personal goals that have a tangible impact on the organization's success.  Our process requires that functional and cross-functional teams meet to discuss objectives and ensure alignment within and across teams.

Team Effectiveness:
Team Effectiveness encompasses the less tangible aspects of management.  In this realm each "event" needs a well thought out design to identify what makes a team work together successfully.  There are however, some core
components that tend to make their way onto a meeting agenda.  These include:

a. Team Building Exercises
b. Direct Feedback (360, Management Style, etc.)
c. Process Responsibility Matrices
d. Team Meeting Designs
e. Talent Evaluation and Succession Planning

Mergers & Acquisition Advisement:
Most Mergers and Acquisitions fail due to poor Due Diligence and / or weak integration. Our role within a M&A situation is to ask the tough questions and dig into the unspoken issues.  Then once a deal is signed, we draw on
all of our tools to quickly engage the new organization to drive the necessary culture change.